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I came to wear these little caps fulltime a couple years ago when my hair loss from a scarring alopecia became more noticable than I liked.  Some people wear them for chemo caps.  Some choose to wear them on bad hair days.  How about a home spa day? What are you thinking of using them for?


These solids are the basics of my headgear--think for use in the office and for more professional functions where you want to blend in more than standout.  My favorite is the grey in the summer, maybe because that is closest to my current haircolor.  In the winter I prefer darks--black, brown and suede-like fabrics.


The wig headform shown in the pictures is standard size.  Having worn these for a while, I prefer looser styles, that do not fit tight around the ears--which for me hurts.  But, I don't like too loose a fit where I feel a stiff wind is going to blown it off and maybe surprise someone with a "peep show" of my bald head.  I show a little ear because I wear earrings 24/7 and it makes me feel more girly.  Some people choose to cover their ears completely.  All fabrics are soft so they feel nice on bald heads.  


I audition the fabrics for hot weather versus cold weather, so I will let you know if they seem to work better for cold weather than hot.  Nothing is perfect for warm weather, I sweat in all of them when I am working!  But some cool off quicker due to "tissue" weight fabric which I prefer in the heat. 


My preferred design right now is made with one seam which will be the back of your headgear.  Other designs with two seams, I prefer to wear with the seams at the ears.  I will make a note where necessary about the seams.

Toppers Headgear Solid