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I have had many request for this scent over the years! Finally, I brought it on at Christmas time with the name "Tidings of Joy". Then I had so many requests for it during the year that I have brought it back into the regular line year round. The cranberry fibers will act like little tiny pieces of oatmeal--so they will exfoliate very gently, even on your face. You won't feel any scrubbiness.  


Our single guest soaps (one quarter of a full-sized bar) are now only available on a limited basis.  Join our monthly newsletter or our Facebook page (Handcrafted by Jackie Turbot) to get early notification when we will have a "Guest Soap Blast". These bars will be cut and wrapped for you specifically.  When they are available, you will see a "new" buy button above. 


When there are full-size bars in stock, I will cut and wrap four guest soaps of the same scent for you.  There is no way to accurately track inventory with this option, so, I will try to keep the "full bar" and "guest x 4" options set to the actual bars I have on hand.  For instance, if there are only 2 bars in stock, you can't order 2 full sized bars and 4 guest soaps as that would be 3 bars.  You could order two bars -OR- one bar and four guest soaps -OR- 8 guest soaps. 

Frankincense and Myrrh without Seeds


Multi-Bar Discount