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Bath Fizzies, Shower Steamers or Bath Sachets ( commonly known as Bath Bombs, which is trademarked) are a wonderful way to treat yourself to a moisturizing, hot soak in the add the wine, candles and music!  Since you will be stocking up on these, use them as a sachet to give scent anywhere you want them...a drawer, a closet, in a pretty bowl sitting in your bathroom or even your car. 


Remember, these are a powder that when exposed to air get hard.  If using them as a sachet, every once in a while you will need to squeeze them (maybe even use a hammer!)  to bring the fresh powder out.  When you absolutely can't smell anything anymore, then use it in the tub.  As soon as it hits the water, the baking soda will release the wonderful fragrance.


 If using as a shower steamer, place outside the spray of the water and enjoy the scent until you can no longer smell it.  Discard the used fabric in the garbage.


OH, the fabric color or print is subject to change!

Bath Fizzie Bombs or Shower Steamers