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Have you been looking for a moisturizing, smoothing lipbalm without all the "stuff" the big guys put in theirs? Try my new formulation!  Remember, my lipbalm does not contain any petroleum products--which only sit on your lips and make them feel moist.  Also, I leave the sweetners out because they just make you want to eat the sweet stuff off your lips.  


 My lipbalm will condition your lips!  With Fishlips, at first you may need to reapply the balm more frequently, but, in a short amount of time, the condition of your lips will improve and you will need to apply it less frequently. I put it on frequently at shows, and then during the week I don't think about it!
 If you ever feel any "graininess" in the lipbalm it is actually one of the seven fatty acids in the shea butter that melts a little slower than the others. This one "bumpy" fatty acid is commonly removed when shea butter is refined, but, in this product all the good stuff is left in tact. So, if your lipbalm feels different…don't worry…it's more good stuff soaking into your skin. 


Shea butter is also a natural sunscreen, however, it has a very low SPF.  Remember, I choose not to put chemicals into the products I use, so if you really need a high SPF will have to get it elsewhere.

LipBalm 100% Natural

  • Shea butter, castor oil, apricot kernel  and jojoba oils, beeswax, Vitamin E, and natural lemon lime essential oils.

  • 4 grams

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