If you have been lucky enough to travel in Italy or Greece, you may have tried old school castile soaps.  They are typically made nowadays with added coconut oil to boost their lathering.  But, I do it old school.  So, don't expect this one to lather.  It is a small foamy lather BUT, really super moisturizing.  That's why many women love this on their face.  Personally on my face it is almost oily, so, I don't care for it.  I miss the lather too...  It makes a fun and useful baby shower gift, too!  NOTE:   Keep it out of standing water, it will get mushy and waste away. When you use multiple oils (mine for example usually have olive, palm, coconut, shea and castor), you can make a longer lasting soap bar. A single bar lacks this oil-synergy and is more susceptible to melting away in water. So, keep it dry between uses!

Olive Oil Castile Scent and Color-Free 100% Natural

  •  Distilled water, OleaEuropa (Olive) Fruit Oil, Sodium Hydroxide.