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This soap has bentonite clay which is used for shaving. It helps the razor "slip" on your skin, so it doesn't drag and possibly nick you.  The clay also works as a pumice type additive--so it also is a good clean-up soap but is so mild at exfoliating it is more like a polish.  It has no added color so it is just a creamy white. It also has goatmilk which makes the lather extra creamy.  The fragrance is dead-on Lily of the Valley!


Our single guest soaps (one quarter of a full-sized bar) are now only available on a limited basis.  When they are available, you will see a buy button above. 


When there are full-size bars in stock, I will cut and wrap four guest soaps of the same scent for you.  There is no way to accurately track inventory with this option, so, I will try to keep the "full bar" and "guest x 4" options set to the actual bars I have on hand.  For instance, if there are only 2 bars in stock, you can't order 2 full sized bars and 4 guest soaps as that would be 3 bars.  You could order two bars -OR- one bar and four guest soaps -OR- 8 guest soaps. 

Lily of the Valley Goatmilk


Multi-Bar Discount