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These are the same oils I use for my soaps, so they are of the highest quality possible. Our suppliers do not dilute or adulterate these oils and neither do we...straight out of the bottle from my home to yours!


These oils are packaged in amber glass bottles which hold 0.5 ounces of each scent. They have dropper caps to allow small dosing--a drop at a time. Need to measure more out? Just use a sharp, thin blade knife to pry the dropper cap and then replace it when you are done.


Essential Oils are 100% natural being derived directly from the plant material--and not every plant, fruit, nut or seed is able to be distilled into its essence. Be very leery of anyone claiming to have a 100% natural product when they have scents that do not list the Latin name (or INCI name) of the plant material.


Fragrance Oils may include an Essential Oil, but they get their great scents mainly from a chemical synthesis--like perfume. Think a chemist sitting in a lab who wants to make a scent that smells like cinnamon rolls. They should not be labeled as 100% natural because of this, but, I can guarantee you these fragrances are among the finest available anywhere! They do not contain Parabens or any of the “bad” stuff.


Which is right for you? It probably does not matter if you are going to diffuse them in a burner or lamp ring. Go with what you like. If you will be making your own bath and body products, you might want to consider the essential oils if you have sensitive skin or any allergies or if you are making a product that will be left on the skin like a lotion or body oil.

Fragrance Oils K-P

  • These are 100% pure, undiluted oils and are skin safe if properly diluted. Use oils with caution, they are highly potent.

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